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Testimonials & Faq

"Thank you Sarah! I just want to let you know that your reading has had a huge impact on me! Things are making absolute sense to me now."


"Thank you for the incredible Soul Path reading a few weeks ago. It was very insightful and I still have ah-ha moments around the information you presented."


"Thank you so much for that session. Words can't express the lightness I feel."

~Kat (Past Life Reading) 

"Oh my goodness Sarah I can not believe the incredible insight that you have given me. This corroborates what I have felt but wasn’t sure if it was just my ego or false assumptions I have been making. I am truly stunned by your words and insight and tremendously grateful to you!"


"Thank you so much for our reading yesterday and for sending your additional notes. I have to say that so much of what you sent RESONATES, amazingly so!!


"Sarah has a rare gift to be able to facilitate your powerful reconnection with your highest self and soul purpose in this life. Since having my reading with Sarah I am clear in my purpose and am living so much joy, creativity and abundance. I highly recommend Sarah - her and her work are a treasure!"

~ Kaitlyn"

"Thank you for such a powerful reading. It has brought up a lot of realizations and is exactly what I've been seeking in order to start to answer the call I've been hearing."


"I am still glowing from that session - it was SOOOO good on all the levels - like a re-defining goodness kind of good. I really appreciate how approachable, available and normal you make this work- you're very easy to refer. 


"Sarah’s ability to access and then clearly relay her findings and depth of information is truly a gift. I would highly recommend the Soul Path Reading! I feel empowered to walk my path with greater confidence."

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to book a reading. How does payment work?
After we’ve confirmed and booked a time via email, you can e-transfer the funds to

Or if you’d prefer to use paypal or credit card, I can send you an invoice to pay online.
If you need to change an appointment I need 48 hours notice for you to get a full refund. After that I can refund 50%. 

What are the "Akashic Records"?

Good question. The Akashic records are what I’m referring to when I talk about ‘going to the records.’ It is a realm of consciousness, sometimes also called the sixth dimension. The feeling in this realm is one of neutrality and a strong sense of “What Is So.”

This realm contains the records of all time – including the record of your souls journey. Your soul has set intentions and goals. Think of life as school for your soul to evolve. The 6th dimension holds your school records. We can access them to see what you’ve been up to and what you’ve set out to do.

How long is a reading?
Our appointments will take approximately one hour, but please give yourself 90 minutes so that we are not rushed.

Where do we meet?
We meet over Zoom. I work with clients around the globe. Please note that my time zone is Pacific Standard Time (-8 UTC).

 I will send you a Zoom link prior to our meeting. If you’ve never used Zoom, clicking the link will automatically download the software for you. It’s quick and easy and also allows us to record the session for you.
If meeting on Zoom doesn’t work for you, or if we are having any technical difficulties, calling by phone is the back up plan. I will make sure you have my phone number once we have confirmed the session.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Please refrain from using alcohol or drugs 24 hours prior to our session. Prescription medication is fine. You will gain the most benefit if you are clear in mind and body.

Please email me with this info as soon as we’ve booked an appointment time:

1. Your full name at birth and full name today.
2. Your birth date.
3. A recent head shot photo of you.

For a Soul Path Reading: 

Please email me with this info as soon as we’ve booked an appointment time: your full name at birth, birth date, and a recent

head shot photo of you. This information assists me to quickly connect. Your private information will of course be kept confidential.

For a Past Life Reading: 

Think about what questions you’d like to ask. Try to be specific as the records are vast. Clear questions allow for clear answers. We can take time to clarify your questions before we start the session. A question like “who was I in a past life?” is NOT clear. We are going to do work that supports your soul's growth and positive evolution. Think about where you have struggles and what patterns you are ready to let go of.

You can bring 3 questions to a session. Examples of great questions are:

 What soul lesson is this about? Be specific.
 Why do I keep getting blocked in regards to this issue?
 Why does the same pattern repeat itself in my life? Explain.

 What can a past life teach me about my relationship with ________?

What do you do to prepare?
For a Soul Path Reading I set aside an entire morning to focus on you. I take about 2-3 hours in the records receiving information on your behalf, another 60-90 minutes with you over Zoom and also prepare thorough take home notes for you. It’s an intense amount of energy
involved for me. 
Choosing this work means major lifestyle choices that keep me clear, at high vibration and connected to spirit.
On the technical side, I always take ample time to make sure my wifi connection is great, that we are connected over Zoom, and that we have a backup plan in place for any tech glitches.

Will I find out something I don’t want to know?
What comes forward will be perfect for you at this time. In a reading with me, the records reveal only what is useful for your positive evolution. I choose to only work with high vibration guides that offer messages to support your highest good, as directed by your higher self. You are held in unconditional positive regard.

Do you have a teacher? How did you learn how to do this?

Yes. I work closely with my spiritual support team of guides and teachers. Mostly I’m self taught and have been visiting the records since childhood. Teachers have helped me to clarify and understand what I was naturally doing. This awareness allowed me to help others.

I studied with Sonia Choquette in person and via distance education for 10 years. Sonia taught me how to journey directly to the records and back and not get distracted on the way. Learning excellent psychic boundaries was key for me to be able to help others. I’m ever grateful for her wisdom, joyful spirit, and impeccable standards. Sonia helped me see that I was ready to work professionally.

I have also trained in the Soul Calibration method with Casey Choate. I learned about the value of asking specific questions in the Akashic Records. Casey guided me through the process involved in delivering Soul Path readings. He helped me to refine my skills to get incredibly precise and accurate answers for my clients.

What’s the difference between what you do and past life hypnosis or regression?
The difference is that I do the work of going to the records on your behalf. You relax and receive the information from me. I journey inwardly to the records and use my clairvoyant and clairaudient channels to receive information there and tell you about what I find out. Then we chat about it and consider how the information can be helpful to you in moving forwards with your life.
I’ve experienced past life hypnosis/regression a few times. The practitioner guided me into a hypnotic state where I journeyed inwardly and said aloud what I was experiencing. It was very powerful and helpful, and quite different from what I do.

Can anyone learn how do this?
Absolutely. Anyone has access to the records. It’s your birthright. You don’t need me or anyone else to take you there. However, it’s just like
anything. Unless you’ve studied you might want to get some help from someone who has. If you feel inspired to learn more about accessing the records yourself, that’s wonderful. I’d be happy to steer you in the right direction if you would like support.

How long have you been doing this?
I’ve been doing past life healing work for as long as I can remember. I came in remembering my own past lives, recognizing the people around me, and at times, feeling haunted by the past. Unfortunately our souls like to remember the wounded bits and we can come into the world with sore spots. Healing my own past life traumas has been a major part of my life. It’s been an incredibly rich journey to come to terms with where I’ve been and forgive the pains of the past so I can be fully present in this life. 

Now with a lightened load, I am able to help others. I’ve been giving readings professionally since 2013. It’s a realm I’m very comfortable with and it feels like going home when I journey inwardly to the “records.” I love the deep inner peace and understanding that comes from these readings. I am humbled and honoured to be able to help in this way.

How do I book?
Email me directly at, or through the contact page on this website.

I’ll respond to you within 48 hours and we can discuss booking availability.

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