Sarah Downey

Akashic Records, Past Life Readings & Spiritual Consultation

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada with services offered globally

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My approach to intuitive work is down-to-earth and grounded in the realities of daily life, balancing spirituality with common sense.


The goal of this work is to support you to align with your gifts and purpose while you deepen your connection with your own intuition and higher self.

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Readings will assist to identify your strengths and gifts to move forward in life with greater ease, success, and inner peace.

Meet Sarah

My approach to intuitive work is down-to-earth and grounded in the realities of daily life. I balance spirituality with material plane common sense and bring you information that you can really put to use in your life. I generally attract clients that wouldn’t usually think to see a psychic, but for whatever reason are drawn to have a reading with me. I can relate! As someone with a successful professional career in management, organization, and facilitation, I didn’t anticipate offering these services. 

Over ten years ago I sought out an intuitive development teacher with the hopes of learning how to ‘turn off’ my abilities. Instead, I ended up learning how to manage my gifts and soon I was helping others. As humans, we generally come into the world with amnesia, forgetting the other side and forgetting the journey that our soul has been on. For me, it’s like partial amnesia. 

One of the challenges that comes with remembering, is that I carry memories of my own traumatic past lives. I’ve had to learn how to recognize my blocks and triggers, face my fears, forgive, process, and heal. One of the gifts that comes with this ability is that I am able to easily access past life information for other people and help them to heal and move on. The beautiful thing is that once the trauma has been processed, it’s truly gone. We will then experience greater success, ease and peace in our lives. This is what inspires me. I see how deeply transformative and healing these readings are for my clients. 

In 2012, I made a commitment to spirit to show up for this work and I continue to make time in my schedule for readings. I am honoured to be of assistance. 

I’ve had excellent teachers and mentors that have supported me on my journey. I'm so grateful for the healing help and wisdom shared from: 

Sonia Choquette (intuitive development and professional practice)
Lucia Rene (mysticism)
John Martin (healing)
Andrea Kehler (angelic realm work)
Anna Sayce / Casey Choate (akashic records)

To learn more about me and some of the other things I do, feel free to explore my personal website

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Candidates for readings are those who are:

  • at a crossroad in their life
  • are grappling with their sense of purpose
  • are troubled by issues that they feel may be past life related

Two types of readings are offered:

Soul Path Reading

This Akashic Record reading is incredibly empowering and sets you up with a clear map for knowing yourself and making decisions in your life. We uncover your natural gifts, your life lessons, your soul group of origination, soul training, and much more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime reading that will benefit you for years to come.

Past Life Reading

This reading sheds light on significant past life events that are holding you back. If you have the desire to let go and move forwards, the session will also allow for deep healing and removal of blocks. The result is deeply transformational. 

All sessions are done over Skype or Zoom from the comfort of our homes

We create an intimate space for focused conversation. Sessions can be recorded. I live in Canada and work internationally as well. Most timezones can be accommodated. A good reading will feel like you are being reminded of something you already know on a deep level.

With all information shared, I will support you to listen to your own intuition and understanding of what feels true for you.

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"I appreciate the high level of integrity and care you bring to your work. Anyone who has a reading with you is in excellent hands."


Sarah Downey - Spiritual Consultant 

Phone: 250-888-1139

Based in Victoria, BC with services available globally

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