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Supporting you to move forward in your life.

Soul Path Reading


Past Life Reading


Akashic Records Session


Soul Path Reading

Before this lifetime, you’ve already done a lot of learning and training. You’ve also set intentions for your growth and evolution in this life. A soul path reading gives deep insight into who you are at a soul level, where you've been, the gifts you bring and what lessons you are working on. Knowing this information gives a profound sense of inner peace, personal understanding, and purpose that carries over into all aspects of your life. I recommend this type of reading as a starting place before other Akashic record work. It beautifully sets the groundwork for moving forwards. 

We’ll look at the following areas:

Energetic Centre of Training: This will show your soul drives and how you are best of service to others.
Soul Trainings Between Lifetimes: This will show your natural talents
Soul Group of Origin: You’ll learn how where you are from continues to influence you today.
Primary Lesson for this Lifetime: Find out why you choose the experiences you do and how they fit into your soul path.
Secondary Lessons: Learn where these lessons are showing up in your life, and what percentage of completion they are.
Your Strongest Intuitive and Empathic Gifts and how you can use them today.
Your Guides: You’ll learn who is with you at this time.
Past Life Influences: If relevant, this information will be also be shared.

After we’ve set up an appointment time I’ll ask you to email me your full name at birth, birthdate, and a recent headshot photo of you. 

This information assists me to quickly connect. Your private information will of course be kept confidential.

I do the akashic records reading on my own, and during our appointment I will tell you what I discovered. You can ask questions and we can discuss how the information can help you to move forwards in your life. 

Past Life Reading

Have you wondered if your past, beyond this lifetime, is holding you back?

Chances are if you are thinking about it, that’s the reason. As wonderful as our past lives may have been, it’s the pain points and woundings that our souls tend to remember. Like hooks they catch us up and give us pause. 

Difficult patterns repeat themselves as life generously gives us endless opportunity to recognize our misbeliefs and heal. A past life reading can bring light to the situation and transformation can occur instantly. The healing that comes from a reading brings renewed clarity and energy for moving forwards in your life. 

A Past Life Reading with me, reveals only what is useful to support your soul's evolutionary journey. I work with high vibration guidance. 

You will leave our time together with deeper peace and understanding about your souls journey. 

You can bring 3 or 4 questions to a session.

Great questions are:

What soul lesson is this issue about? Be specific. 

Why do I keep getting blocked in regards to this issue?

Why does the same pattern repeat itself in my life? Explain. 

What can a past life teach me about my relationship with ________?

Akashic Records Session

What do you seek guidance on right now?

Let's get to the HEART of what is surfacing for you. 

We can focus on any of these life areas:

Work, Purpose, Money, Relationships, Creativity, Adventure, Health, Spiritual Expansion

In this reading we will open your records and explore how what you are experiencing right now is related to your soul plan and spiritual growth. 

This is a directly channelled and guided session. Your own spirit guides and mine will shed light on what is going on for you. You will also be supported with practical guidance to help you move forward with greater peace, success, and understanding. 

Bring your current questions to this one hour session. 

Every session is uniquely different based on what you need at this time.

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